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Mattress Cleaning

Mattresses are some of the dirtiest furnishings in your home. It may be hard to believe, though considering the clean bed sheets that you change every two days and the mattress cover that advertises protection. Not a lot of people clean their mattresses, and that may be because they don’t understand the threats lying in there. Some people have a clue, so they try to clean but end up doing it wrong. The use of moisture when cleaning a mattress is a quick way to degrade the memory foam, not to mention leaving the surface ripe for mold growth. It is why professional mattress cleaning is a safer option. As a matter of fact, some manufacturers recommend it, especially when there is a warranty. We understand the need to have a clean mattress in your home, and we guarantee that with our services for mattress cleaning Queens.

Remove Dust Mites

Accumulation of dust mites in mattresses is one reason they are considered dirty. It is hard to tell if you have mites or not, which is why most people let them build up. Your mattress has to endure the deposit of dead skin, hairs, dirt and other particulates from the atmosphere. All these particles facilitate the breeding of dust mites. Some people get mattress covers to keep them cleaner for longer, but that is not enough. The fabric in these covers does not give a 100% proof against dust mites. These organisms can affect your health in many ways by causing conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, hay fever, sinus, rhinitis, and skin irritation. Our highly advanced cleaning formula targets every corner of your mattress to get rid of the parasites.

Clean the Air

When a mattress is laden with dirt particles, every time you fluff it or lay down, they rise into the air, thus compromising the atmospheric quality in your room. This contaminated air could be the reason people in your home are suffering from allergic reactions and frequent asthma attacks, or getting respiratory problems. Another impact of a dirty mattress and poor air quality is the lack of sleep. It can be impossible to get a healthy dose of sleep when you can’t breathe properly, or mites are crawling all over.

Why Us

At Big John Carpet Cleaning, we use the latest technology to extract all particulates from your mattress. Foam is very delicate and using the wrong cleaning method or products can ruin the whole mattress. It is why we pick every detergent meticulously. We also have anti-allergen treatment to guarantee you sleep safely. Our free pickup and delivery services will suit any schedule, so don’t agonize about getting your mattress to us. Contact us at (718) 280-1047 and enjoy a discount of 20%. Stay healthy and sleep better with our professional mattress cleaning n Queens.